SKA School Development Project

This project is based in Carnarvon in the Northern Cape. Our team of education specialists is working with the staff of Carnarvon Primary School with the purpose of improving education in Mathematics, Sciences, and Language. The school management team also benefits from support from an organizational and management specialist, who is part of the project team.

Certified short courses form the basis of our intervention at the school, with these being followed up with classroom support for teachers. The classroom support takes the form of co-teaching.

SKA-Carnarvon in May 2017

Three members of the SKA School Development Project visited Carnarvon from the 16th to the 18th of May. These were Jimmy Slingers (SMT development), Sandra Rossouw (Sciences support) and Val Kohler (Languages support).

The three project team members supported teachers in their classrooms during the school day, and ran short courses at the school in the afternoons. As usual, the teachers at the school were appreciative of the work being done by the project at the school.

The team also had an opportunity to meet Mr Aloysius Barth, Chief Curriculum Specialist for the Pixley Ka Seme Education District in the Northern Cape Province. Jimmy also managed to meet with Mr September, the Examination Coordinator for the district. 

All in all, the team has indicated that they are feeling increasingly positive about changes that they are seeing in teaching in the school. This, after all, is where our projects matter - improved teaching methods, benefitting those who matter most - the learners…

Below find a photograph of the team meeting with Mr Barth, from left to right, Sandra, Jimmy, Val, and Aloysius Barth, taken at Carnarvon Primary School, Carnarvon, on 16 May 2017.

SKA-Carnarvon in April 2017

Two Western Cape schools donated school jerseys and dresses to Carnarvon Primary School in February 2017. These two schools are York Road Primary School in Lansdowne, Cape Town, and Hugo Rust Primary School in Wellington. 

The SKA School Development Project ran a Mathematics short course on Rational Numbers for the teachers at the the school from 19 to 21 April. This was the third UCT-certified mathematics short course that the teachers at Carnarvon Primary School have completed. The comments and questions during the course were in-depth, and reflect an ever-increasing, in-depth engagement with the content that the teachers are teaching on their classrooms.

The course, which was run in the afternoons after school was, as usual, accompanied by classroom visits to the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phase classrooms.

What really stood out for me was how the teachers, in both the FP and InterSen Phases, are interrogating what they teach, and how they are teaching. There seems to be an increased awareness of conceptual development, in the teaching of Mathematics particularly. I am sure that when Val Kohler (Languages) and Sandra Rossouw (Sciences) visit the school in May, they are going to see evidence of this in the teaching of Languages and Sciences the classrooms as well.

Project team member Jimmy Slingers (Leadership and Management Development) hands over clothing donated by schools in the Western Cape. These jerseys are being received by William Jann, Mea Ford, and Anicka Kock on behalf of Carnarvon Primary School.

SKA-Carnarvon in March 2017

During March 2017, the project team met with the school’s governing body, as well as with the school’s management team. A meeting was also held with the full staff complement, where certificates were handed out to those teachers who had successfully completed the courses which were run in 2016. 

Front of school.

Back of the school

The Carnarvon primary school staff at the certification ceremony in the school’s staff room in March 2017.

SKA - Carnarvon Project Team member for Sciences, Sandra Rossouw (PSP), hands a certificate to Mr Swartbooi of Carnarvon Primary.