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Silbert, P. From reciprocity to collective empowerment: re-framing university-school partnership discourses in the South African context (coming soon).

2019: Silbert, P  ‘From reciprocity to collective empowerment: Re-framing university-school partnership discourses in the South African context’, Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, vol. 12, no.1, pp. 1 - 16

2018: A commognitive perspective on Grade 8 and Grade 9 learner thinking about linear equations - Anthea Roberts, Kate le Roux

2016: Silbert, P. & Verbeek, C. Partnerships in action: establishing a model of collaborative support to student and mentor teachers through a university-school partnership. Journal of Education, 64: 111—136.

2015: Silbert, P & Bitso, C  Towards functional school libraries: supporting library assistants in under-resourced schools through a university-community-school partnership. South African Journal of Libraries and Information Sciences. 81(1): 53 - 62

2015: Silbert, P, Clark, J & Dornbrack, J ‘In schools, in community’ - implementing a university-school partnership at the University of Cape Town. South African Journal of Higher Education. 29(3): 262 - 280

The Learning Pathway2013: A learning pathway for whole numbers that informs mathematics teaching in the early years - Cally Kühne, Ana-Paula Lombard & Trevor Moodley
Reference on web:
Van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, M., Kuhne, C &, Lombard, A.P. 2014. The Learning Pathway to Number in the Early Primary Grades. ISBN 9781770307605. Macmillan.