Schools Improvement Initiative

Usasazo Library Opening: 11 March 2016

3 Apr 2016 - 13:30

Usasazo Library Opening on 11 March 2016. A learner opens the event which was supported by all teachers and SGB as well as principals and deputies from neighbouring schools, the SII, SDU, the Bookery, Rotary and Fundza.

The Usasazo choir

Pauline Oliver (outgoing Circuit Manager) and Janis Wylie (SDU)

Pauline Oliver, Janis Wylie and Dr Patti Silbert, SII Project Manager

Usasazo musicians                                                Thami Makayi and Brian Smart, Rotary

Dr Jonathan Clark, SII Director               Cosmas Mabeya, The Bookery

Patrick Barnes, Usasazo principal and Benjamen Schereka,      Director, Metropole East Education District  

Ummangaliso Primary principal, Mlungisi Siko and Library Assistant Vuyelwa Zweni handing over a gift of a box of books to Mr Barnes

Pauline Oliver, Mlungisi Siko and Janis Wylie

Pumla Nkewana, deputy principal of Ummangaliso                      The Ummangaliso team