Schools Improvement Initiative

Sivuyiseni Holiday Programme

5 Apr 2016 - 15:45

The students from East London university and assisted by UCT students brought exciting and educative games. The 45 learners from Sivuyiseni primary enjoyed the games, participated well and were really excited. Their behaviour was exceptional and they followed the instructions well. It was also interesting to see that the learners could grasp and follow instructions in English with ease; they even asked not to have instructions interpreted as they could understand. 

The students offered various games. Netball, which is traditionally played by girls, was also played by the boys, who participated without complaint or prejudice - it was amazing! The programme ran from ten o'clock and finished at 12 o'clock.  The award or a token of appreciation given by the students from EL university came as an added surprise. The learners in turn thanked the EL students, in ENGLISH; everyone had a great day.