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IKwezi Pilot Project

The aim of this ECD and primary school improvement project which ran for three years between 2010-2012, was to improve teaching and learning in language and mathematics from Grades R through 7.

The project operated in nine primary schools and six of their feeder pre-schools in the Mfuleni and Lwandle townships, located in the Cape Town Metropole and Helderberg basin respectively.

Professional development was provided through Advanced Certificates in Education (ACE) and the Basic Concepts Programme (BCP). The HCI Foundation provided bursaries to Ikwezi teachers to study for either the ACE in Literacy, Numeracy and Curriculum Leadership in the Foundation Phase, or the equivalent Intermediate Phase qualification. In addition to the formal academic lecture programme, participating teachers were given additional support through tutorials and classroom observation and feedback sessions. Ten teachers graduated from UCT with ACE qualifications at the end of 2012.

In the Basic Concepts Programme (BCP), teachers were provided with a structured and systematic teaching approach and tools to reflect on their own teaching. Teachers from both the primary and pre-schools attended the programme, thus ensuring that all Grade 1's starting at the project primary schools had similar school preparedness.

24 Grade R and eight Grade 1 teachers from eight schools and six pre-schools received certificates for the BCP Porgramme; a further eight teachers received certificates for Grade R Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills courses run on the project's behalf by the Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU). An additional 18 teachers received certificates for the Literacy module and eight teachers for the Numeracy module also run by ELRU.