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Grasslow Park

This three-year project is now in its final year. The project continues to work with Grade 7, 8 and 9 teachers at 26 working-class primary and high schools in Grassy Park, Lotus River and Wynberg in Cape Town. The Grasslow Development Desk, which is a collaborative structure set in place by schools in the region, initiated the relationship with UCT and continues to support our work.

All initiatives in the project are directly aimed at developing and supporting teachers in order to improve learner performance at senior phase level.  Increasingly, teachers who work at Foundation, Intermediate and FET phase are showing interest in the work being done with Senior Phase teachers and some peripheral activities have been developed to include them.

As improving teacher effectiveness is the key to raising learner performance, this intervention focuses on:

  1. Professional development activities in the form of accredited certificated and short courses. These include an Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) in Senior Phase mathematics, as well as a set of short courses for mathematics and language.
  2. School-based support focusing on improving teacher effectiveness.  This includes working with teachers in the classroom and running afternoon workshops on specific areas of the mathematics and language curriculum.
  3. Professional learning communities.  These include professional network meetings for teachers and principals, which provide opportunity for exchange across schools.
  4. With a rapidly changing digital world, the potential for utilizing online learning to increase professional engagement among teachers is a major focus of the project. The project has developed a website for teachers with online resources and links to other teaching websites as well as online sites where Grasslow teachers can communicate with each other and share resources. 

Project Leader: Ms Anthea Roberts

Team members: Dr Heather Brookes & Ms Nalini Parsotam (Language), Ms Susan Brundit, Mr Yusuf Johnson & Mr Roger Mackay (Mathematics); Selwyn Page