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Schools Improvement Initiative (SII)

Fostering partnerships. Harnessing resources. Improving schools.

South Africa is facing an education crisis. Nationally, learners are underachieving. And in Cape Town, very few students from disadvantaged areas qualify for entrance to UCT.

The Schools Improvement Initiative (SII) has been formed to address this crisis. We seek to do this through harnessing the university’s broader resources, and fostering partnerships and collaboration with education-related groups – both within and outside of UCT.

Initially, the SII will focus on Khayelitsha. Lessons learnt through the SII’s engagement in the six partner schools will hopefully inform school improvement initiatives and university-school parnteships in other disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

As part of the broader teacher professional development progamme of the SII, the science team is engaged in a range of school-based interventions in both primary and high schools. Teachers at these schools are also invited to any of appropriate short courses we offer. Collaborative lesson preparation and science practical work have been the key focus areas.

As participants in this project, teachers at these schools were invited to join the Experimento project and as a result have acquired the knowledge, skills and sorely needed laboratory resources to engage their learners in a range of practical activities. GO TO