Zenex-Dinaledi English Language Teaching (ELT) Further Education and Training (FET) Programme

This two-year (2008-2009) Zenex-funded programme was developed by Rhodes University's Institute for the Study of English in Africa (ISEA) for piloting with Grade 10 and 11 English First Additional Language (FAL) teachers in selected Dinaledi schools across four provinces.

The SDU was responsible for implementation in 15 schools in the Western Cape. The key delivery elements of the programme were: sixty hours of teacher professional development focusing on subject and pedagogic knowledge; cluster workshops addressing teachers' specific needs arising out of their implementation of the programme and classroom support visits.

Participating teachers were provided with a range of teaching and learning materials and a starter classroom library to encourage independent reading by learners.

The project highlighted the challenges teachers' face, particularly those in township schools, as they seek to develop the English communicative competencies of their learners. It also revealed the extent to which English is only nominally the language of teaching and learning (LOLT) in most township classrooms.