UCT Drama Department collaborates with the SII

28 Sep 2017 - 14:15

On the 22 August, Terri Elliot (UCT Drama Lecturer) and 3 of her students visited Sivuyiseni Primary as part of the 2nd-year Theatre-in-Education module. They facilitated a fun-filled activity session with one of the Grade 6 classes, the purpose being to get a sense of the language level and interests of the learners, in preparation for the actual performances on the 19 September. The theme that emerged from this initial session, “caring for others” - is one of the Grade 6 Life Orientation CAPS curriculum themes. This theme formed the focus of the performance on the 19 September. On this occasion, a group of 6 students presented high-energy, lively performances to all 3 of the Grade 6 classes. The SII is grateful to A/Prof Veronica Baxter, Terri Elliot, the second-year Drama students and Sivuyiseni Primary for this exciting opportunity.