R-Maths Project

SDU developed the Grade R Mathematics Programme (R-Maths)

Diane Hendricks and Nomfundo Mfobo, SDU’s R-Maths trainers setting the scene to inspire their colleagues during the Phase 2 block training, 25 – 28 June 2015. SDU developed the Grade R Mathematics Programme (R-Maths) and in partnership with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) SDU trained ECD/Foundation Phase Subject Advisors and supported the training of approximately 3 600 Grade R practitioners/teachers.

R-maths Conference News

PLAY CONFERENCE, facilitated by Cotlands, Unicef, DBE, Lego Foundation.

Date, 11-13 July 2017

Venue, St Georges Hotel, Pretoria

Main discussion: The Power of Play in preparing children for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

The SDU R-maths team in Partnership with the WCED completed Phase 1 training of 1400 Gr R Teachers in the Western Cape. In the light of this Is is noteworthy that this R-maths programme is aligned to the competencies identified as being critical for teachers and learners for the future.

Creativity: -R-maths encourages teachers and learners to explore and discover towards meaningful learning.

Curiosity: -R-maths makes use of the Poster book, Animal Number Frieze, Resource kit and the environment to nurture a sense of curiosity.

Critical Thinking/cognitive flexibility and Communication: Interactive guiding questions are interwoven into the 4 R-maths Term Activity Guides. The R-maths Concept guide provides the conceptual framework for teachers on which the play outcomes are based.

Collaboration: -The R-maths model is based on 5 daily workstation activities one of which is teacher guided.

Social and interpersonal skills: -R-maths is based on 7 critical learning principles.

The support of Early Learning teachers in sustaining a playful approach within the South African context was identified as a key concern in the way ahead.

Grade R Early Mathematics Programme (R-Maths)

The Grade R Early Mathematics Programme (R-Maths) is being rolled out in partnership with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), The ELMA Foundation, Zenex Foundation and Maitri Trust. In November 2017 SDU Education Specialists and ECD specialists (independent and from ORTSA-CAPE and The Primary Science Programme) trained 70 Western Cape ECD and Foundation Phase Subject Advisors (SAs) in Early Mathematics. These SAs completed a 30-hour UCT approved and SACE registered course that was offered as a five-day block in Cape Town. In 2017 and 2018 the SDU R-Maths team will support SAs in their training of Grade R practitioners/teachers across all eight Western Cape Districts. This 44-hour SACE registered course is offered in 7 x 2-hour monthly cluster workshops and a five-day, 30-hour block. This training will take place at a district level with support from the SDU R-Maths team.

Each participating teacher receives a large full colour book of 11 posters, an Activity Guide per term and a classroom kit consisting of learning and teaching resources. There is a high level of buy in from SAs and teachers who say R-Maths has increased their knowledge and understand of Mathematics in CAPS and the how to teach the content in Grade R.



Bulungula Grade R Maths training

Tami and Sue visited the Bulungula Incubator from the 19-22 April.

This is on the coast in the Eastern Cape, 5 hours from East London and 3 hours from Umtata. They worked with the Education Project manager from Bulungula and 4 teachers from 4 Gr R classes in the area. 3-5 hour training sessions took place over 3 afternoons. 

Despite varied teaching contexts the training was successful and the participants valued the experience.